Tools of the trade

I found this article on tools for use in java development. A log of good input here. In short the article author

  • StringUtils from commons-lang
  • IOUtils og FileUtils from commons-io
  • Google collections
  • java.util.concurrent

Se this article for a more detailed information.

Another solution to the nagging Windows update restart popup

My last post described how to stop the windows update service to get rid of this annoying restart pop up. Well there seems to be another and more elegant solution. I found this solution on

In short this solution involves changing the group policy (Windows XP). Do like this:

  • Start the group policy editor (Start/run/gpedit.msc)
  • Navigate to Local Computer Policy/Computer Configuration/Administrative Templates/ Windows Components/Windows Update
  • Set the “Re-prompt for restart with scheduled installations” to a very large number so it doesn’t bother you for a reasonably long time. This makes sense because you might want a first indication that Windows Update isn’t completed.
  • Alternatively you can set the “No auto-restart for schedule Automatic Updates installations” to turn it of completely.

Of cause if your pc are in a domain or you are not the administrator of the pc, you system administrator might not allow you to change these setting.

Windows update restart popup

I was just out a second, and while my computer had a little idle time Microsoft updated my computer with some patch. I usually don’t mind that updates are installed automatically, but when it forces me to reboot afterwards it gets really annoying. This led me to google the following phrase:

“kill windows update” (At the time I really meant it)

I obviously isn’t the only one out there that gets annoyed of this freaking nagging pop up. So here is the solution kindly supplied by nzj (link)

Run the following in a command window:

sc stop wuauserv

This stops the Windows update service. After it has stopped you can restart it again with:

sc start wuauserv

And then it will start nagging you again.

Finally an iProduct that I like

Apple has earlier launched the iMac, the iPod and a lot of other iProducts. I’m not a fan of any of these, but here is finally one that I like. It’s not by Apple though.

Here it is: the iFinger.


This beautiful product can be bought from Spreadshirt


Tried this program from Bayden Systems that lets you define commands for starting programs rather that clicking through loads of menues or tryings to remember numerous custom key mappings. With slickrun you define magic words that are used as commands for starting predefined programs. You can also define multiple tasks for a single command like a mornig statup command.

slickrun header

Slickrun is freeware slickrun headerand can be found here.